About the service

To give you the most flexibility possible, you can move freely and pause your journey as many times as you need

Keep in mind

It is forbidden to end journeys in private spaces

Our fleet is available from 8 AM to 8 PM

End before the battery level drops below 15%


It is only possible to finish the ride inside the service area


In order to transform cities and condense them towards a mentality of personal, sustainable and shared public transport, it is essential to achieve the coexistence of urban mobility devices with the rest of vehicles. We need to work together on their orderly integration into the public space.


Always try to chain in public bike racks

If you're gonna park between cars, do it at an oblique angle to the sidewalk

If you are going to park on the sidewalk, attach the e-scooter to the kerb horizontally to people

Do not park the scooter on sidewalks less than 3 meters width



Minimum age of 18 years old


Do not use streets limited to more than 30km/h


No ride on sidewalks or spaces reserved for pedestrians